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Hello Friends and Welcome to our place 

This site will walk you through the world of  flutes crafts shop and gallery of our creations.
Flute-making is a labor of love and a passion for The Flute Man. For over 13
 years, we are hand-crafting Native American style flutes that provide a unique, authentic experience.
Every flute is individually hand crafted from domestic, exotic woods and tree branches to ensure you receive an instrument that is truly one of a kind. The Native American flute is still used today in Music Therapy settings. Known as Ojibwe music, usage of the flute is extremely beneficial for hospice, cancer, and cardiac patients to assist in managing anxiety, restlessness, fear, and pain.
Flutes can provide a source of rehabilitation and encourage a sense of accomplishment. Each of our flutes are shaped by hand. Each individual flute is a unique expression of his hands and eyes working together in the act of creation. No two Native American style flutes made in his shop are exactly alike. We are builds highly individualized instruments and craft flutes one at a time. Beautiful 6 hole creations with flowing lines and very distinctive rich, resonant sounds to move the inner soul. The vibrations they create are very powerful personal and ceremonial instruments. Their voices are Deep soulful, haunting tones. We can customize a flute to meet your needs, we can customize your flute with stunning pyrography accents along the barrels or any other designs that you can dream up.

You can also browse through our website at:

Flutes Crafts

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