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Native American Style Flute Walnut Wood ,The Feather Series Key F#m 432 Hz

Native American Style Flute Walnut Wood ,The Feather Series Key F#m 432 Hz

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Note to buyers 


Dear friends 


Please think twice before you place an order ,make sure that you really want the item , please read the description of the item and please send me a message if you are not sure of something . If you are from Europe or different countries please ask me about shipping, may not have shipping to your country . I don;t accept any cancel request and I don.t accept returning of my flutes  . Any cancel or returning is cost me money and is not acceptable for me , so please make sure that you are OK with your purchase . 
My flutes are totally hand crafted , sometimes  they not perfectly round , some time you will see some minor scratches on it , that because I am hand plain and hand shape my flutes and is very hard to make it perfectly . Not always the finger holes are in a straight line and my flute are made from two parts glued together ,  this line that you will see across the flute is not a crack , is the join of the two parts and this will be always visible . I like the look of my  flutes because they look hand made , If you are looking for a fancy flute and machine made , this is not the place . For me is more important how the flute is sound like and how good is tuned . My flutes are tuned from a temperature of  25 degree to 30 degree , if in your country is cold , your flute became more flat ,than you need to warm up the flute , if in your country is to much heat than the flute will be sharp and you need to cool down the flute . This is how the weather affecting the wooden wind instrument . Please if you have any questions before you place the order , please ask me , I will answer to you in a very short time 

Thank You !

The Feather Series

:) Sound Sample F#m  432 hz walnut feather series  ,Just copy the link to the address bar


Mixed Sample


Dry Sample

A Native American Style Flute made of walnut wood  , is a 6 hole flute tuned in key F# Minor 432 Hz
This flute is a hand made flute , I make the channels inside with a trimmer and than I using  a hand plane to make the flute round and different size of sand papers, all the holes are burned in to the flute .
This flute is finished clear lacquer  , final finish with olive oil .The totem is made of walnut wood , and  Turquoise stone  and  is tied with hemp cord  and wooden beads .The flute is a beautiful design totally hand carved and is decorated with  ,Turquois